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Hosted by Louise Laffey 

An Online Membership to Learn to Work with the

Power & Wisdom of Universal Energy to Create More Flow


Opening LIVE Session

Sat 6 August ❘ Sun 7 August

 US & CAN  Sat 3pm PDT /6pm EDT | AUS & NZ Sun 8am AEST/10am NZST

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We can all feel the energy on the planet is shifting.  Now more than ever, we can see a need for more 'conscious' engagement in the issues that affect the way we live and work.

If nothing changes, nothing changes!

 We know that any change must start with ourselves, but that no longer means doing it alone.

In fact, change is much easier when others are brought in to help.


The New Heart Movement Membership looks at exciting new ways of creating change.

Change that comes from the Heart.

Change that connects us to more love, more fun, more freedom and more flow.

I'd love you to be part of our community.




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 Louise’s approach combines practical tools, spiritual wisdom, and her own experience as a successful lawyer and entrepreneur who has found a way to follow her heart and create financial freedom” 

                                       - DEEPAK CHOPRA

Each month, Louise will join members for a LIVE 90 minute session to talk about a

specific topic of Universal energy, that is of interest and benefit to members in their everyday life.

The monthly sessions will start with a teaching from Louise and include practical energy tips

that can be used straight away, followed by an interactive Q&A with members. 

These sessions are focused on helping you move more easily into your flow.  

The Key Areas We Will Discuss & Practise Together_B+.png

Understanding Spiritual~Metaphysical Principles

& Universal Laws  

We will discuss a range of spiritual and 'energetic' principles and Universal Laws that will help provide a framework within which to better understand working with energy and moving into 'flow'.

Practically Applying Energetic Principles 

& Wisdom in Our 'Everyday'

We will explore how to become more confident engaging with the 'Intelligent Field' so you can trust your signs from the Universe 

and learn to follow your deepest, innate wisdom.


Learning How to Embrace Our Challenges

for Maximum Growth  

Together we will learn and share energetic practices that will help to ground and strengthen your energetic 'power' so you can stay

in your Truth, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Accessing Your Heart Energy to Fuel

Your Purpose & Passion

We will explore the power and intelligence of the Heart in leading us to live our highest and happiest purpose.  Members will be invited to participate in live Q&As and share their personal experiences.


Making 'Living in Flow' a Lifestyle

And we will focus on building strong energetic practises at both an

individual & collective level. Practises that will bring you a greater

sense of happiness, connection, freedom and flow​.

Louise is effective. She is an excellent communicator.  She has a unique ability to select subjects we all need to work on. She uses a format that is open and honest and very comfortable." 


JUDY,  Business Consultant
Pennsylvania, USA


1.   LIVE Teachings
with Louise Laffey

You will join Louise live

for 90 mins each month to

share a detailed teaching and

interactive Q&A, where we will

explore topics of interest and

     members' experiences.     


2. The New Heart Movement Members Portal 

You will have access to a  

private members only portal

which includes The NHM Live monthly recordings + a library of additional exclusive content

Louise will be sharing. 


3. Members LIVE 
    Online Gatherings    

You will also be invited to

join online member gatherings 

where members will come together to discuss principles & practices   raised in Louise's teachings,  

in small group sessions.  


4. The New Heart Movement Member Discounts

As a member, you will receive

special 'NHM Only' discounts on

a range of our products and services

as well as courses and ​live events. You will also have first access to  invitation only Masterclasses.


5. International Online Community

And you'll become part of a growing international community  

of heart centred 'change agents', conscious leaders and practitioners, committed to creating more love,  light and innate wisdom.


Join Louise & Our Global Community


Scholarships & Student Discounts 

We offer a range of scholarships for The New Heart Movement as well as student discounts.

Please contact our membership team for further details about to how to apply.


Pay It Forward


We are aware that many of our members would like to donate membership plans

to support others joining our growing NHM community.  


If you would like to donate a membership plan please contact our membership team. 

We will be happy to help you! 

Our Guarantee
Our Guarantee B+.png

If you are not 100% satisfied with The New Heart Movement for any reason,

you may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up and receive a full refund.  


After 30 days, you may cancel your membership at any time prior to

the renewal date and you will not be charged on the next renewal date.

After 30 days, no refunds will be granted between billing cycles.

If you need to change or cancel your plan, please contact us at: