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The Heart Compass

1 min read. 15-20 mins to watch video and complete the full exercise.

January 2022

I always start my new year, by listening to my Heart and creating my new 'Heart Compass'.

The Heart Compass has become one of my favourite and most trusted tools that I use in my spiritual practise. It's a powerful and fun way to start your new year ~ it quickly and clearly aligns you with the people, places and experiences that will best support you in achieving your highest and happiest purposes over the coming year.

In this video I show you how to create your own Heart Compass.

It's a simple process to follow and one that becomes easier to 'master,' the more you practise.

I recommend you allow yourself 15-20 mins of uninterrupted time and space to sit and listen to the recording to complete the Heart Compass exercise. This will allow you time to pause the video, make note of all the messages your Heart wants you to hear, and very importantly, take a few moments to fully receive this amazing gift of innate wisdom.

You can create a Heart Compass at any time throughout the year. In fact, it doesn't matter when you do it because your Heart's intelligence always knows how to 'pick up' where you are on your path, right now ~ think of it like an energetic GPS! That's the extraordinary power of working with Universal energy. It's always working in the most 'up to date' time ie the 'now'.

I also regularly review my Heart Compass several times throughout the year to check that I'm still on track with the guidance that my Heart has given to me. Just like any travel adventure, it's important to check in regularly to make sure you know where you're going, and that you haven't become 'lost' or headed off in the 'wrong' direction unconsciously.

I'd love you to share your Heart Compass with me here and let me know what insights you received about the energetic 'themes' your Heart wants you to pay attention to this year.

I know other members of our NHM Community would also be interested to share with you their observations and comments, that may help shed more love and light on your path.

Louise x

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