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ORANGE CALCITE ~ Orange, translucent and waxy, often banded


Orange Calcite has come to join you on your Wish Journey as you may be facing issues around motivation, creativity and imagination.  It brings with it a boost to your energy levels leading to an increase in personal power and self worth.  It calls you to be more creative and proactive around your Wish.  have you fallen into a trap of thinking that there is only one way for it to be fulfilled?  If so, then Orange Calcite opens your mind to the possibility that there are other ways, and many of them.  All it takes is willingness on your part to see this.


Motivation.  Imagination.  Energising.  Opportunity.  Joy. 


The Wish ~ Orange Calcite Crystal Bracelet is one size fits all and includes approximately 15 individual crystals.







Orange Calcite

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we offer an exchange or refund, provided our return conditions are met.


    Please see our Returns Policy for details.


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