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Choose 2x Wish Bracelets to Start Your Collection!


A desire to choose a combination of two Wish Bracelets indicates that new relationships and partnership opportunities are ready to open up for you.  


Whether you are  looking for a new romantic relationship,  a new work collaboration or a deeper connection with the Universe, it's helpful to pay close attention to which colours and names of The Wish Bracelets 'jump out' for you and any key messages that speak to you.


Take your time to choose the 2 x Wish Bracelets that feel right for you ~ they'll bring you valuable support!


You may choose any combination of  2 x Wish Bracelets from the list below:


  • Aventurine ~ Leadership. Decisiveness. Perseverance. Opportunity. Vision.


  • Clear Quartz ~ Powerful Healing. Energy Amplification. Clarity. Concentration. Purpose


  • Dalmatian Jasper ~ Fun. Excitement. Spontaneity. Celebration.


  • Gold Tiger’s Eye ~ Protection. Grounding. Focus. Personal Power. Optimism


  • Hematite ~ Reflection. Grounding. Insight. Confidence. Courage.


  • Orange Calcite ~ Motivation. Imagination. Energising. Opportunity. Joy.


  • Rose Quartz ~ Love. Passion. Vitality. Strength.


  • Sodalite ~ Unites Logic & Intuition. Insight. Communication. Harmony. Interaction.


All 8 Wish Crystal Bracelets are one size fits all and include approximately 15 individual crystals.


* Please be sure to ADD A NOTE with your Wish order listing the 2 x Wish Bracelets you would like.  


If you're not sure what to choose, trust the Universe to send you the perfect pair!!



2x Wish Bracelets

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we offer an exchange or refund, provided our return conditions are met.


    Please see our Returns Policy for details.

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