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Our Friends Pack is the perfect present for you and your BFF!!


RECEIVE 1 x The Wish for your Self and GIVE 1 x The Wish to a friend!


Each copy of The Wish® includes:


  • The Wish® Silk playing board
  • 398 x The Wish® Playing Cards
  • 8 x The Wish® Crystals and 8 x Description Cards
  • The Wish® Instruction Booklet
  • 8 sided Wish Dice
  • 1 x The Wish Notepad & 1 x Wish pencil


The Wish can be played by 1-8 players and is suitable for ages 13+yrs.


Friends Pack ~ 2 x The Wish

  • The Wish contains numerous elements and layers of sacred geometry, numerology and symbolism within its design.

    It has been consciously created to be played on the energy of Silk ~ a fabric long been recognised as embodying the energy of prosperity and abundance ~ and on the symbol of Infinity ~ which knows no limit!

    When you bring your Wish to Infinity, you are inviting the power of abundance to manifest your wish in ways you may not be aware are possible!

    Each of the 398 Wish cards is uniquely worded and vibrationally calibrated to ensure you are always precisely tuned in to hear your personal messages from the Universe!

    And, if you look closely, you’ll notice Wish stars on the edge of the silk are forming waves of energy and the 4 directions of the Universal Heart compass ~ all special elements here to help guide you towards your Highest and Happiest Purpose.

    The Wish is here to help you manifest your Heart’s deepest desires!

    Are you ready to become our next Wish success story?

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